Wilmington Montessori School 2017-20 Strategic Plan


Wilmington Montessori School recognizes the inherent potential in each child and strives to help each achieve that potential using the Montessori education pedagogy. This is what sets WMS apart from other independent schools.

Changes in the independent school marketplace demand more of us as a school and an institution. While remaining true to our Montessori roots, we must adjust in this changing marketplace to hone our competitive advantage and ensure we continually prepare our graduates for success in their future educational endeavors and life.

To achieve our strategic vision, we will 1) launch a middle school program at WMS, 2) invest in teacher excellence, 3) continue to strengthen our financial position, and 4) complete implementation of the arts integration initiative.

At the end of this strategic plan period, a financially strong WMS will set the standard for an authentic, accredited Montessori school serving toddlers through middle-school students.

Strategic Plan Goals
1) Launch a Middle School (7th & 8th grade) Program at WMS
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2) Invest in Teacher Excellence
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3) Strengthen our Long-Term Financial Position
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4) Complete Implementation of the Arts Integration Initiative
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