Recycle used electronics and shoes to support WMS

Funding Factory

Did you know you can recycle used printer cartridges, cell phones and small electronics at Wilmington Montessori School? We participate in a program through the Funding Factory that lets the school earn money for your unwanted items. They can be dropped off in the main lobby under the announcement board. Help us earn cash and supplies while keeping our Earth clean and green! Questions? Contact Lori Oberly, Co-op & Events Coordinator

ShoeBox Recycling 

WMS has partnered with Shoebox Recycling to recycle donated shoes and raise money for our school. If you are cleaning out your closets to make room for new holiday gifts, please bring in your old shoes and put them in the brown cardboard box near the front entrance of WMS.

WMS receives $0.50 per pound for all usable shoes. This means each full box raises about $20! Filled boxes of shoes are shipped to small businesses in different countries, then cleaned and resold in local market-places. This provides affordable shoes to people who need them, fuels local economies and creates less waste on the planet.

Shoes can show wear; however, please don't donate wet shoes, skates or shoes with holes in their soles. Binding the pairs together before putting them in the boxes is very helpful; just tie laces or straps together or bind with string or elastic bands.

If you love the idea, and would like to gather more shoe donations, you can bring a donation box to your place of work, church or any other organization of which you are a member.  Please feel free to pick up a box from Lori Oberly. Once the box is full, you can get a pre-paid UPS label to ship it back to Shoebox Recycling.

For any additional questions, please email

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