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WMS Students’ Artwork Showcased in Youth Peace Art Exhibit

WMS's 9-12 and middle-school students dove right into the new school year by creating artwork for this week's third annual Pacem in Terris Visionary Peace Youth Art Exhibition.

Middle-school art teacher Lisa Surbrook led WMS’s participation in the art exhibit at the suggestion of a middle-school parent.

"My daughter, Shannon, had participated in the exhibit a few years ago, so I knew a little bit about it," she said.

Middle-schoolers were challenged to interpret their visions of a peaceful world through art. In art class, they talked about the meaning of peace for them as individuals as well as what it might mean in different cultures. The students then created artwork representative of what peace means to them, and wrote a short description about their work.

"I was really pleased with the diverse subjects and images that the group came up with," Lisa said. "Starting with the idea of peace was a terrific way to begin our school year."

Upper Elementary students reviewed the book "A Little Peace" by Barbara Kerley, which depicts images of peace from around the world, for inspiration.

"We asked the students, 'What does peace mean to you?'and any thoughts or places that came to mind," said 9-12 lead teacher Allie Colflesh.

Art teacher Laurie Muhlbauer also reviewed various techniques students could employ using pencils, pens and watercolors to illustrate their vision of peace. The class brainstormed ideas about images of peace, and each student created his or her own art piece.

Many students and their families attended a special opening reception on Sunday, September 16, where they viewed their artwork on display along with submissions from more than 500 Delaware youth artists.

WMS artists' work will be on display at The Delaware Contemporary at the Wilmington Riverfront through September 23. This exhibition is part of Peace Week Delaware organized by the Movement for a Culture of Peace.