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Upper Elementary (9-12) Program

Grades 4-6

Just as in the other program levels at WMS, the foundation of the Upper Elementary experience is the social curriculum, which is based on the principles of Responsive Classroom. The goal is that all children are known, find a comfortable routine, respect each other, and work through any difficulties that may arise. It is an opportunity to learn about other and discover that everyone is different and has something to offer the group.

The 9-12 Program is where students find their voice and become more independent in asking questions and meeting their needs. Though teachers and parents support students in their transition, they encourage the children to approach adults and fellow students to get what they need.


Home Learning Plans - For COVID-19 Related Closures

For Upper Elementary students, the move to home learning plans requires less adjustment than our younger students. While our oldest students miss their daily face-to-face interactions with friends and teachers, they are accustomed to working independently and completing assignments using Google Classroom. Students meet as a class each morning, and then move onto more individualized schedules.

Upper Elementary students meet in small groups for math and reading, and attend cultural lessons as a class. This spring, they embarked on Passion Projects, an opportunity for in-depth exploration of a topic of their choice. They also took part in community service projects like spirit week, a food drive and making masks for first-responders from home.

While at home, Upper Elementary students continue their specials/enrichment schedule, remaining active with two PE classes per week and after-school enrichment activities.