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Toddler Program

(12 months to 3 years old)

In the special environment prepared for them in our schools, the children themselves found a sentence that expressed their inner need: Help me to do it by myself.
– Maria Montessori

Wilmington Montessori School's Toddler classrooms are designed for exploration and discovery. Montessori materials inspire and awaken curiosity with even the youngest children. Our Toddler program provides educational success through a hands-on, integrated, self-paced curriculum. 

Primary Student with Montessori Materials

Inside the classroom, there is room for large motor skill activity, imaginative play and learning, quiet activity and resting. Outside play areas include ample room to run and climbing equipment. Activities are designed to appeal to the natural curiosity of the child and encourage imaginative play and social interaction. Older children begin their Montessori lessons with practicing sorting, sequencing, matching, counting, pre-reading, pre-writing and practical life skills.

Full- and half-day, three- and five-day, programs are available. Read about our program options and hours.


Toddler Program News