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Primary Program Staff

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Joe Ambrosino

Joe Ambrosino
Music Teacher
B.M.A.S., University of Delaware
M. Ed., Applied Education Technology, Wilmington University

Favorite Montessori Moment: My favorite Montessori moment happened when I was teaching music to a toddler group. I had brought a selection of instruments and juggling scarves for the children to use. I had a grand lesson planned: each child would start by playing a steady beat on maracas, then we would express rhythms through movement with scarves. This was quickly turned aside when one student approached the plastic bucket of maracas and rather than pick one out to play, he dumped the contents on to the floor and proceeded to wear the bucket like a helmet. He danced around the room to the music balancing the bucket on his head. I broke out laughing. At WMS, creativity will express itself as it wants. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to embrace it, nurture it, and watch it grow.

Ana Brown

Ana Brown
Spanish Teacher - Primary, Elementary
B.A., Language & Literature - English & Portuguese, Maranhão University (Brazil)

Favorite Montessori Moment: During my time at WMS, the thing that has touched me the most is the way children are respectful and caring with each other; I’ve learned that empathy and compassion are sentiments that Montessorians truly take to heart. I also love the feeling of community that we cultivate in the school. This allows teachers, students, parents and staff to engage and cooperate toward the success of the children.

Maggie Campbell

Assistant Teacher - Primary Classroom

Gabrielle Clark

Extended Day Assistant (Toddler & Preschool)

My Dang

My Dang
Lead Teacher - Primary
B.S., Marketing, Drexel University
AMS Certification:, Early Childhood

Favorite Montessori Moment: My favorite Montessori moment is when a child realizes that he is a member of a community and that he has a part in its peaceful state. He shows respect for both the living and nonliving things in his environment, taking care to observe and to move purposefully.

Sharon Entzminger

Assistant Teacher - Primary Classroom

Marilyn Faralli

Marilyn Faralli
Lead Teacher - Primary
B.A., Communications, Rowan University
M.Ed., Early Childhood Education, Chestnut Hill College
AMS Certification: Early Childhood

Favorite Montessori Moment:
My favorite Montessori moment is when I first walked into a Montessori classroom. We were looking for a preschool for my oldest daughter, who is now 14. I remember walking into the classroom and seeing that my daughter was immediately drawn to the painted globe on the other side of the room. It was one of the many captivating materials in such a beautiful classroom. I remember thinking how much I would have loved this as a child, how mesmerized my daughter was, and how this environment seemed right. I wanted to touch everything! Many years later, not only have I learned about the materials and the philosophy, I live it every day.

Betsy Haas

Lead Teacher - Primary
B.S., Early Childhood Education, Wilmington University
AMS Certification: Early Childhood

Favorite Montessori Moment: Every September, we begin the school year learning about Monarch butterflies. We observe caterpillars inside and outside in our certified Monarch Way Station. Within weeks, the caterpillars have gone through metamorphosis. This coincides with the timing of the children in our classroom learning the rules and routines, and forming a close-knit classroom community. In essence, the butterflies are learning to open and close their wings and ready to take flight, just as the children are building trust with the teachers and classmates and are separating from their parents. They are ready to take flight and begin their journey toward independence.

Jocelyn Hall

Assistant Teacher - Primary Classroom
AMS Certification:, In Progress

Jill Hallissey

Jill Hallissey
Physical Education Teacher
B.S., Exercise Science &  K-12 Health/Physical Education Certification, Eastern University

Favorite Montessori Moment: My favorite Montessori moments happen frequently throughout each day. What makes Montessori so special and unique is the opportunity for older students to help teach younger students in the same class. The wide variety of ages - especially as it relates to being in PE class - can sometimes be challenging in certain lessons. When I look around the gymnasium and catch a glimpse of a 6-year-old student helping to teach a 4-year-old student how to throw, catch, jump or skip, it truly is something special. Through a Montessori education, students really learn how to be positive leaders and understand the value in helping each other out.

Trish Harkins

Instructional Support, Assistant Teacher - Primary Classroom, Extended Day Assistant (Preschool)

Janet Hewitt

Extended Day Lead (Preschool), Assistant Teacher - Toddler & Primary Classrooms

Anita Louie

Extended Day Lead (Kindergarten)

Carolyn Malatesta

Extended Day Lead (Grades 1 & 2), Assistant Teacher - Primary Classroom

Laurie Muhlbauer

Laurie Muhlbauer
Art Teacher - Primary, Elementary
B.F.A., Maryland Institute - College of Art

Favorite Montessori Moment: Choosing a favorite or most special "Montessori Moment" is challenging for me. I have been with WMS for more than 20 years and cannot picture myself ever teaching in any other school. From the first day I walked into WMS to this very day, every day is special here, because everyone is respected, everyone is appreciated, everyone is allowed and encouraged to learn and try, and everyone is allowed to be exactly who they are. Can you think of a more wonderful place to learn and teach?

Alyssa Novello

Assistant Teacher - Primary Classroom

Paula Sharpe

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts & Mathematics) Coach, Middle School Science
B.S., Early Childhood & Elementary Education, Wilmington University
AMS Certification:, Elementary I

Favorite Montessori Moment: One of the most special moments for me in the Montessori classroom is during a child's "Birth & Life" (birthday) celebration. Each child gets so excited to "walk around the sun" with his or her parents watching and sharing moments of their lives with their school community. I always ask each child from the classroom to share one wish he or she has for the birthday child. As we go around the circle I am always so proud of what each child has to say about the birthday child. When I first became a parent, one of the milestones I most looked forward to sharing with my own children was "walking around the sun." While my own children no longer attend Montessori school, each year we take those steps around the sun.

Becky Siple

Extended Day Assistant (Kindergarten)

Erin Wehler

Lead Teacher - Primary
B.S., Environmental Science, Spanish (minor), Elon College
AMS Certification:, Early Childhood

Favorite Montessori Moment: After I picked up my daughter from her Toddler classroom, we decided to take advantage of the weather and go for a walk in the woods here at WMS. As I was asking her about her day, she stopped me in my tracks and said, "Mommy, that was a woodpecker! Did you hear it?" We both stopped walking, looked up at the colorful canopy and waited to hear its "tock, tock, tock, tock, tock" once more. At this moment, I felt certain that my daughter was being nurtured in a school/classroom that mirrors my own love for nature. To a toddler, the woods is a big place with a lot of small details. I was blown away that she could pick up on the small detail of a small sound from a small creature in this small moment. To find curiosity in nature is the best gift of all.

Sarah Williams

Director of Early Childhood Education
B.S., Early Childhood Development and Education, University of Delaware
AMS Certification:, Early Childhood, Elementary I

Favorite Montessori Moment: For me, the graduation ceremonies that take place each year are certainly one of the most powerful events that take place at WMS. I’ve watched those graduates grow up, proud to have been one of their teachers and amazed by the confidence, competence and sense of responsibility emanating from them. I know that what they learned here, academically and otherwise, will take them far, benefiting so many others along the way.