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Pandas (ages 3-5, entering preschool in the fall)

The Pandas program provides preschool-age campers with a structure similar to our school-year Primary Program. Teachers offer group lessons and projects, opportunities for individual and small-group work, on-campus water play at least once each week, walks in the woods and plenty of time to enjoy our expansive playgrounds.

The Pandas do not take off-site field trips, but we bring in visiting programs from local museums, nature centers and theater groups.


This summer campers will explore a variety of science topics, including botany (plants) paleontology (dinosaurs), astronomy (space), zooology (animals) and ecology (earth).

Highly Trained & Experienced Staff
Our two Panda groups are led by year-round WMS teacher Maggie Campbell and long-time counselor Maddie Geller. Additionally, specialists in art, STEAM and nature education will work with campers throughout the summer to provide additional enrichment.

Facilities & Campus
The Panda classroom is designed to facilitate the development of independence and confidence in preschool-age campers. WMS's expansive playgrounds, a gymnasium and acres of natural woodlands provide the perfect background for a program supporting children’s physical, social and intellectual development.