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As we end another school year, Wilmington Montessori School, like you, has faced challenges we never could have anticipated. It has been a school year that began as usual and is ending surrounded by the uncertainty of COVID-19 and a spotlight on the injustice of our world. 

The deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and many others in the Black community have once again showcased injustice in our society. The focus on these travesties of justice is warranted - the demand for change needed. 

The problem is rooted in systemic racism. Systemic. Education is a system. To have equal access to education is a right in our country. And it is a right that is unequally distributed. As a Montessori school, we have begun to learn more about anti-bias and anti-racist practices. Our staff started the school year looking at classroom texts and teaching materials to determine their inclusiveness of the children we teach. Do the stories we read and tell reflect cultures other than the culture of the majority? Do we honor traditions and holidays other than that of the teacher? We began this work. And we have much more to do. 

Our school is made up mostly of young children. Young impressionable children. With Montessori principles at its root, our school strives to promote education as a pathway to peace and to establish respect for each individual. We are committed to educating ourselves and amplifying the voices of others leading the way in this work. We are committed to improving our anti-racist practices and to encouraging the conversation. WMS is a community of lifelong learners, and we are committed to making this work a focus of our learning.

WMS stands in support of those working to create positive change in our world. We mourn the unnecessary deaths of those in the Black community, and we will strengthen and recommit our efforts to promote anti-bias and anti-racist practices within ourselves, our school, and the larger community. 

Resources for Children: