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Dear WMS Families,

In place of a traditional Thanksgiving message and in light of recent events, I’d like to share a message of peace. Another act of violence has taken place in our country. Last week, it was the University of Virginia, this week Club Q. In the past year, schools, grocery stores, nightclubs, walking trails and universities are among the places in which people began their days as usual only to end the day with violence, suffering and loss of life. It is unimaginable and happening all too frequently.

“Establishing peace is the work of education.”  

These words, Dr. Maria Montessori’s words, greet you as you enter WMS each day. We embrace this principle and strive to instill it in all members of our learning community, from toddlers through middle schoolers and among the adults that guide them. The true meaning of peace - showing compassion, living without fear of violence, understanding what is needed to make positive and just contributions to society - is taught every day in small moments that naturally arise and in lessons that allow students to understand more about the world around them. We learn about ourselves and about others, some who may be very like us and some who may be quite different. We learn that all of us need and deserve respect, kindness and understanding. We care for one another. It has been and will continue to be our responsibility to teach and practice the principles that are central to Montessori's vision of peace education.

As you gather with family and friends over the next few days, please remember those who are no longer here to celebrate with their families. Please also consider this message of peace, for it is through education that together we will create a better world.  

Lisa A. Lalama
Head of School