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Lower Elementary students are traveling back in time. Way, way, way back to the time of the Big Bang. 

Drawing inspiration from a video project second-grader Oliver Poland created based on the book "The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells, the 6-9 students are using green screen technology to tell the stories of the Great Lessons as adventures in time travel. As they imagined what it would be like to live through the Big Bang and the ages of dinosaurs and early humans, their stories took on lives of their own. 

Students used TouchCast on iPads to record their Great Lesson time machine videos, and found images on the web to insert as green screen backdrops. Along the way, they also honed their creative skills. Lead 6-9 teachers Melissa Connelly and Carol Lettich coached students in acting - working on facial and vocal expression - and script writing for their video projects. 

The students have been putting the finishing touches on their videos this week and screened them for their classmates in the Great Room today. View one group's finished product below.

Green Screen Time Machine Final Cut

One group's Green Screen Time Machine final cut