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Middle School Science

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I want to be the first to tell you the exciting news. After months of discussion and planning, the Wilmington Montessori School Board of Directors has approved a plan to join with PRIED Middle School. The result of this combination will be an expanded Wilmington Montessori School, which will educate children from toddler age through the eighth grade, beginning at the start of the 2018-19 school year. We could not be more thrilled!

PRIED Middle School currently serves sixth through eighth grades. PRIED's seventh and eighth grade programs will become the seventh and eighth grades at Wilmington Montessori School. WMS's rising seventh-graders (current sixth-graders) will have the opportunity to remain students at WMS through the eighth grade! Beginning next September, the PRIED name will no longer be used and the current PRIED sixth and seventh graders will join us (and in many cases, re-join us) at WMS.

Joining with PRIED Middle School - a school comprised largely of WMS graduates - is an opportunity for WMS to create a comprehensive, authentic Montessori school through the eighth grade. Families will not need to deal with the disruption of changing schools for the middle school years. Importantly, the existing PRIED middle school curriculum, which is based on the expeditionary learning model of education, is highly compatible with the Montessori philosophy. This is a "win-win" for both schools.

This will be an exciting year and an exciting transition for WMS. For years, parents have asked us about the possibility of expanding the school through the eighth grade, and it is now becoming a reality! We are tremendously excited and eager to get to work as we plan for the 2018-19 school year.

Thank you for your continued support. Should you have any questions regarding this transition, please contact me directly.


Lisa Lalama Signature
Lisa A. Lalama
Head of School
Wilmington Montessori School


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