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Progress Reports

Supplemental Progress Report Materials

Wilmington Montessori School’s progress reports reflect a child’s growth over time. The documents on this page will guide you as you learn more about the path that children generally follow when gaining reading, writing and mathematical skills.


The continua below are used by WMS teachers to monitor student progress. They contain a list of descriptors that demonstrate a student’s academic behaviors. The skills/descriptors in the continuum increase in difficulty or demand as they move through developmental levels. As the student masters the majority of skills on a given list, he or she progresses naturally through levels that are contained within the guide.

You may also note that between levels (from 6-9 to 9-12 and then to middle school) your child may not move as quickly or the demands may increase, slowing his or her movement through the continuum levels. This is expected as children move beyond learning to read and write to incorporating those skills more fully into all of their academic work.

Reading (PDF)
Writing (PDF)
Mathematics (PDF)

Writing Samples

The writing samples listed on this page show typical grade-level writing samples for children from 3 years old through sixth grade. These are samples and not exactly what you can expect from your individual child. They are included in order for you to see what handwriting can look like at a given age and also to see how children may organize and share their thoughts through the written word. Of course each child’s work will look different. The continua above are a reference for noting those differences and the growth you can expect to see.