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The Journey

Journey - Primary Math Lesson

The Journey is a parent education program that allows families to experience the Montessori Method and its progression from the Toddler Program through middle school.

Whether you're a long-time Wilmington Montessori School parent or just beginning to learn about Montessori education - it is time to step out of the observation room and into the classroom!

Even if you've attended The Journey in the past, there is more to discover each year!

During this event, you will:

  • Personally experience the Montessori educational process and better understand the teaching methods by getting hands-on with Montessori materials.
  • See first-hand how WMS prepares children for success in their educational journey.
  • Learn how each three-year program level builds and supports your child's development from introduction through eighth grade.
  • Open conversations with your child about classroom activities.
  • Realize the positive aspects of learning and succeeding at WMS.
  • Be more prepared to describe the distinction of a Montessori education to friends and family.
  • Earn 3 co-op hours!