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Edmodo Logo

Edmodo serves as WMS's primary tool for teachers to share information and media with all parents within a class. When your child is enrolled at WMS, you will receive your child's "student code" and instructions for setting up your Edmodo account from your classroom teacher. Your login information will remain the same for the duration of your time at WMS.

Accessing Edmodo:
You can access WMS's Edmodo site by logging in at http://wmsde.edmodo.com.
Mobile apps are also available for iOSAndroid and Windows devices.

In order to prevent missing important information, we highly recommend that you set up notifications through Edmodo. To do this, log into your account, click "Account" in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, then select "Settings." 

From there, click "Email & Text Updates." On this screen, you will be able to select the notifications you would like to receive. We recommend selecting all of the options. This will set-up your email notifications. 

To add text message alerts, click the box below the word "Type" (it should have your email address in it) and choose "Text." From there, you will be able to enter a mobile number and select the type of notifications you would like to receive. At minimum, we suggest choosing "New Alerts" and "Notes."

If you have difficulty using Edmodo, please contact Rose Feehan, Instructional Technology Coach.