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Test to Stay Program

Since we returned to campus in June 2020, our goal has always been to maintain on-campus instruction for all students throughout the school year. We continue to work with the Division of Public Health to ensure that we are following all mitigation strategies to keep our students safe. WMS participates in Quidel’s weekly on-site testing program. Now, along with other schools throughout the state, we are announcing a new partnership with Quidel Services to test students so that they may reduce or eliminate (depending on vaccination status and ability to mask) their quarantine period if they become a close contact of someone who tests positive. 

The Test to Stay program is offered as an adjunct to our current on-site testing program. To be eligible for the Test to Stay program, participants will first need to be signed up for on-site testing through Quidel. This program, which follows the guidance from the Division of Public Health, would allow a student to attend school even if they have been deemed a close contact after being exposed to COVID-19 at school by following the criteria below: 
  • Show no symptoms  
  • Must correctly wear a mask indoors when at school
  • Have been identified as a close contact to someone with COVID-19
  • Must continue to quarantine when not at school
  • Test negative daily (Sunday through Thursday evenings) as part of the Test to Stay program

To provide an example of how this works, the following chart outlines the testing protocol that would be completed by a student participating in the Test to Stay program:

If your child is exposed at school and is deemed a close contact (as defined by the DPH), you will be contacted by the school nurse to explain the Test to Stay program and discuss the location/time available for your child to be tested.  The Test to Stay program will be testing students in the evenings, Sunday through Thursday, for admittance the following school day.  All testing is conducted at a designated location and is free to all families.  Results must be sent to covidresults@wmsde.org to attend school.

We are hopeful that the Test to Stay program will be helpful to our families and allow us to lessen or eliminate quarantine periods for students as we move forward.