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Alumni: Life after WMS

I am incredibly thankful for my WMS education, and I am now appreciative of all of the hard work my parents put in to make that a priority. I believe that it’s where my confidence, curiosity, passion and work ethic come from. Particularly in the early years, I think that nurturing connected environment is exactly what I needed to thrive.
– Brie Willoughby-Knox, PH.D. (WMS '92)  

Parents of younger students often ask us: "Where do your alumni go after graduating from WMS? How are they doing?"

WMS alumni do exceptionally well at the private and public high schools they attend. They are well-prepared academically and have the confidence necessary to follow their passions and become leaders in the larger community.

They are described as:

  • Responsible and hardworking students.
  • Strong leaders and collaborative team members.
  • Self-directed and resourceful learners.
  • Creative and open-minded individuals.
  • Thoughtful and empathetic friends.
  • Confident young adults who are prepared to create change in the world around them.

Meet our alumni or view photos from our past alumni events!

Upcoming Alumni Events