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Strategic Plan

Journey With Us - Designing the future of WMS
Strategy is about surviving and thriving during evolution.
– Grant Lichtman
In 2019, Wilmington Montessori School successfully completed its previous strategic plan and embarked on a new journey to design the future of WMS.

Like most non-profits, WMS undergoes a strategic planning process every few years. This time, we are veering away from the traditional, standard-issue process we have used in the past. Instead, we have hired Grant Lichtman, an internationally recognized thought leader in the movement to transform K-12 education, to guide us as we use a design thinking approach to imagine the best possible future for our children. This process promises to be inclusive, energizing and dynamic, prompting us to envision a new path forward for WMS.


Why is WMS undertaking a new strategic planning process?

WMS has completed its 2016-19 strategic plan:
  • Launch a middle school program.
  • Invest in teacher excellence.
  • Continue to strengthen WMS’s financial position.
  • Complete implementation of the arts integration initiative.

All four goals are either complete or well in-hand, so WMS is now ready to initiate a new strategic process.

Who is involved in the strategic planning process?

What are the goals of using a design-based process of strategic planning and implementation?

  • Create a framework that describes - and helps all stakeholders to implement - a differentiated vision and strategic value proposition for the learning experience at WMS.
  • Build comfort and capacity in the school culture that promotes strategic evolution to meet the dynamic challenges of the world around us.
  • Produce a robust menu of actionable program prototypes that may be implemented in the near to mid-term future.

Why did we choose a dynamic, inclusive strategic planning process?

  • We believe in the power of a larger diverse group including current and alumni parents, WMS alumni, educational leaders from Montessori and other schools.
  • We don’t want a small group of people driving ideas forward. Instead we want to include others’ thinking as we move forward.
  • A large, inclusive process fosters the development and identification of future leaders.

Watch Grant Lichtman's TEDx Talk

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