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Strategic Plan


Wilmington Montessori School recognizes the inherent potential in each child and strives to help each achieve that potential using the Montessori education pedagogy. This is what sets WMS apart from other independent schools.

Preschoolers on Peace DayChanges in the independent school marketplace demand more of us as a school and an institution. While remaining true to our Montessori roots, we must adjust in this changing marketplace to hone our competitive advantage and ensure we continually prepare our graduates for success in their future educational endeavors and life.

To achieve our strategic vision, we will 1) launch a middle school program at WMS, 2) invest in teacher excellence, 3) continue to strengthen our financial position, and 4) complete implementation of the arts integration initiative.

At the end of this strategic plan period, a financially strong WMS will set the standard for an authentic, accredited Montessori school serving toddlers through middle-school students.

Strategic Goals

Launch a Middle School (7th/8th Grade) Program at WMS

Middle School Science
Recognizing that the current endpoint of sixth grade no longer matches up with the local school transition points - and recognizing that when families are more sure of their transition from WMS to their next school, they will be more committed to WMS - we will move the endpoint of our program from sixth to eighth grade.

WMS's middle-school program will open in September 2018 on the current WMS campus. Through a combination of Maria Montessori's Erdkinder model of education for adolescents and Kurt Hahn's Expeditionary Learning model, this program will provide excellent preparation for students for as they enter high school.

Invest in Teacher Excellence

Teacher and preschool student
We recognize that the best Montessori education is provided by the best Montessori teachers. At WMS, lead teachers are certified by the American Montessori Society in addition to participating in ongoing professional development provided during their employment. Teachers are required to be knowledgeable practitioners in the social, emotional and academic development of the children they educate. WMS must invest in teacher excellence to attract and retain the best Montessori teachers.

In order to promote teacher excellence we will:

  • Adopt, fund and implement a continuous improvement philosophy for professional development.
  • Develop a succession plan to help attract new faculty and plan for retiring faculty.
  • Fund more competitive teacher salaries to allow the hiring and retention of high-performing teachers.
  • Evaluate existing teachers and manage attrition so that we have teachers and staff that best meet the needs of our community and mission.

Strengthen our Long-Term Financial Position

Why I Give to WMS - Mother Daughter
This goal has two steps: first, to steadily move to a consistently balanced budget, and then to find ways to fund the second strategic objective (Invest in Teacher Excellence). We are securing WMS's future through investment decisions and allocating resources in ways that continue to strengthen the long-term financial position of the school.

Complete Implementation of the Arts Integration Initiative

Elementary student drumming
Integrating the arts more fully into students’ classroom experiences, which aligns itself beautifully with Montessori education, allows children to access learning in multiple dimensions, solidifying their understanding of the concepts being taught.

Started in the previous strategic plan period, this initiative will be considered complete when:

  • All teachers are trained in the concepts.
  • It is fully integrated into the curriculum.
  • It is fully funded as part of the school’s operating expenses.
  • The benefits are successfully communicated to the families in our community.

In addition, during this strategic plan period, we will measure the success of the program against its goals and identify areas for improvement. Significant work will be undertaken to communicate the benefits of arts integration to current and potential families.