The Center for Montessori Advancement

Professional Development for Educators in Delaware and Beyond
Welcome to the Center for Montessori Advancement (CMA) at Wilmington Montessori School.

Center for Montessori Advancement LogoCMA is dedicated to making Montessori more accessible to children, educators and families through the adults who teach and the places where children learn.

The center offers professional development opportunities for educators throughout the year. While our programs are Montessori-based, they are also appropriate for educators who teach in traditional schools and those who work in child-care facilities.

Why Montessori? Why now? 

The Center for Economy and Education notes that the workforce of the future will require skills such as creative and innovative thinking, comfort with ideas and abstraction, as well as a global worldview and vibrant imagination. Research shows that children develop these skills in classrooms designed to promote learning; that provide choice, time for focus and deep study in areas of interest; opportunities to experiment and discover; and a focus on “What did you learn?” rather than “How well did you do?” 

A 21st century education is Montessori.

The result? Increased access to Montessori learning and a stronger educational experience for more children in Delaware today, expansion of Montessori learning practices throughout the region and continued growth in Delaware’s pool of intellectual capital for the future.

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