Wilmington Montessori School's 50th Anniversary Celebration

Thank you for making February 8, 2014 a night to remember!
50th Anniversary Committee:
Daniele Elkins, Becca Gulino, Kira Messinger, Lily Miniscloux, Flo Miniscloux, Laurie Muhlbauer, Anna Quisel, Samantha Raftovich, Brad Wason

Laurie Muhlbauer
Bob Muhlbauer

Leslie Carey 
(Mike Johnson, Mary Kate Newell, Mike Zatwarnytsky)

Kim Hoechst

Photo Matching Game and Fingerprint Marquetry Guest Book:
Lily Miniscloux
Wilmington Montessori School 50th Anniversary Guest Book
the Kitchen (Watch Now)

50th Anniversary Online Photo Album (View):
Gilles Auffret
Noel Dietrich
Heather Siple

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