Adopt-a-Book List

Arnosky, Jim -- At this very moment {IL K-3, -E-} -- Dutton Children's Books, c2011., RL 6, 30p
Looks at what wild animals around the world are doing while people go about their ordinary days.

Arnosky, Jim -- Creep and flutter : the secret world of insects and spiders {IL 3-6, 595} -- Sterling Children's Books, c2012., RL 6.4, 39p
Introduces young readers to the characteristics of various spiders and insects, and contains eight fold-out pages that look at some of these creatures in greater detail.

Arnosky, Jim -- Thunder birds : nature's flying predators {IL K-3, 598.15} -- Sterling, c2011., RL 5.8, 32p
Presents information about different types birds and the features that make them unique, and contains color photographs of these birds.

Arnosky, Jim -- Wild tracks! : a guide to nature's footprints {IL 3-6, 591.47} -- Sterling, c2008., RL 5.9, 32p
Presents detailed illustrations of life-size paw, claw, and hoof prints; and explains how to identify tracks and how fast the animal might be traveling.

Badescu, Ramona -- Big Rabbit's bad mood {IL K-3, -E-} -- Chronicle Books, 2009., RL 1.7, 26p
Big Rabbit is in a very bad mood, and though he tries to make it go away, nothing he does seems to work.

Cole, Henry, 1955- -- A nest for Celeste : a story about art, inspiration, and the meaning of home [{IL 3-6, -Fic-} -- Katherine Tegen Books, c2010., RL 5.1, 342p
Celeste, a mouse longing for a real home, becomes a source of inspiration to teenaged Joseph, assistant to the artist and naturalist John James Audubon, at a New Orleans, Louisiana, plantation in 1821.

Cole, Henry, 1955- -- Trudy {IL K-3, -E-} -- Greenwillow Books, c2009., RL 2.8, 32p
It seems as though Trudy the goat knows when to expect snow, but one day it turns out that she is expecting something completely different.

Gaarder-Juntti, Oona, 1979- -- What in the world is a green garden? {IL K-3, 635} -- ABDO Pub., c2011., RL 3.5, 24p
Explains what it means to be green, discusses green gardening, and looks at some of the ways in which gardens and the food people eat affect the planet.

Guiberson, Brenda Z -- Moon bear {IL K-3, 599.78} -- Henry Holt, 2010., RL 4.4, 34p
An illustrated storybook that follows the daily routine of Southeast Asia's endangered moon bears, describing how this particular species is threatened with extinction.

Kalman, Bobbie -- What are natural structures? {IL K-3, 508} -- Crabtree Pub., c2009., RL 3.1, 24p
Simple text and photographs explore the forms and structures of animals and plants as well as landforms.

Kurlansky, Mark -- The cod's tale {IL K-3, 639.2} -- Putnam's, c2001., RL 5.8, 43p
Outlines the history of fishing for and consuming codfish from the time of the Vikings through the present. Includes discussions of the cod's life cycle, over fishing, and recipes using the fish.

Lai, Thanhha -- Inside out & back again {IL 3-6, -Fic-} -- Harper, c2011., RL 4.8, 262p
Through a series of poems, a young girl chronicles the life-changing year of 1975, when she, her mother, and her brothers leave Vietnam and resettle in Alabama.

Leedy, Loreen -- Seeing symmetry {IL 3-6, 516} -- Holiday House, c2012., RL 5.9, 32p
Introduces the concept of symmetry, discussing how it appears in the world. Includes activities.

Levis, Caron -- Stuck with the Blooz {IL K-3, -E-} -- Harcourt Childrens Books, 2012., RL 2.6, 32p
When a monster named the Blooz comes to visit, a little girl tries everything she can think of to get rid of the feelings of sadness it brings.

Logue, Mary -- Sleep like a tiger {IL K-3, -E-} -- Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, c2012., RL 2.6, 34p
At bedtime a young girl asks "Does everything in the world go to sleep?".

Milway, Katie Smith, 1960- -- The good garden : how one family went from hunger to having enough {IL 3-6, -Fic-} -- Kids Can Press, c2010., RL 4.8, 30p
Eleven-year-old Maria Luz and her family have a small farm in Honduras, but may not have enough food to sustain them for the year, so Maria's father must leave home to find work, leaving her in charge of the garden.

Polacco, Patricia -- Rotten Richie and the ultimate dare {IL K-3, -E-} -- Philomel Books, 2006., RL 3.7, 42p
Richie and his younger sister Trisha face off in a contest to see whose hobby is more challenging.

Robinson, Jill, 1958- author -- Jasper's story : saving moon bears {IL K-3, 599.78} -- Sleeping Bear Press, 2013., RL 5.5, 36p
Tells the story of Jasper, a moon bear who was held in a cage for fifteen years so his bile could be extracted and used in traditional Asian medicine, and how he was rescued and brought to live at the Moon Bear Rescue Centre in Chengdu, China.

Roth, Susan L -- The mangrove tree : planting trees to feed families {IL 3-6, 577.69} -- Lee & Low Books, c2011., RL 6.1, 34p
Verse and narrative describe the ecological and social transformation resulting from the work of Dr. Gordon Sato, a Japanese American cell biologist who made saltwater and desert land productive through the planting of mangrove trees in the tiny African country of Eritrea. Includes afterword, photographs, glossary, and author's sources.

Sams, Carl R -- Tea with Lady Sapphire : sharing the love of birds {IL K-3, -E-} -- Carl R. Sams II Photography, c2011., RL 3.7, 48p
A grandmother and her grandchildren put out bird food, make tea, and watch the birds feeding.

Sams, Carl R -- When snowflakes fall {IL K-3, -E-} -- Carl R. Sams II Photography, c2009., RL 2.2, 16p
Color photographs and simple text describe how the forest animals eat and stay warm in the winter.

Spinner, Stephanie -- Alex the parrot : no ordinary bird {IL 3-6, 636.6} -- Alfred A. Knopf, c2012., RL 5.9, 44p
Presents the true story of an African grey parrot named Alex, and explains how its intelligence changed the way scientists view the brain.

Verroken, Sarah, 1982- -- Feeling sad {IL K-3, -E-} -- Enchanted Lion Books, 2009, c2007., RL 1.6, 26p
On a gloomy day, Duck feels sad until a frog gives him some advice that cheers him up.

Wagenbach, Debbie -- The grouchies {IL K-3, -E-} -- Magination Press, c2010., RL 1.9, 32p
A grouchy boy learns how to chase away his grumpy moods.

Yamasaki, Katie -- Fish for Jimmy : inspired by one family's experience in a Japanese American internment camp {IL K-3, -E-} -- Holiday House, c2013., RL 2.8, 32p
When brothers Taro and Jimmy and their mother are forced to move from their home in California to a Japanese internment camp in the wake of the 1941 Pearl Harbor bombing, Taro daringly escapes the camp to find fresh fish for his grieving brother.


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