Safety & Security

The safety and security of our children is our top priority, whether they are being supervised by WMS staff or parents. The following guidelines are in place so that we may work together toward that important goal.

Security: Restricting access to the building helps maintain a more secure environment for our children. The Main Lobby doors may be accessed by ringing the bell between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m.  

Parking Lot: Use extra caution in all driveways and parking areas. Parents are strongly encouraged to refrain from cell phone use while driving on site. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE A CHILD UNATTENDED IN A CAR, EVEN FOR A MOMENT.

Outside Play Areas: Families often enjoy social time on our playgrounds after children are dismissed from class. We ask that parents observe the same playground safety guidelines that are in place during the school day.

• CHILDREN ARE TO BE SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES. Fenced in areas, such as the playground in front of the school, are a much safer place to play than the open spaces along the parking lots.
• No climbing on trees or fences.
• Children are not to pick up sticks or rocks.
• Parents must accompany children who enter the building to get a drink of water or use the bathroom.

Inside the Building: Parents are welcome in the hallways at WMS, and often enjoy chatting with other parents and staff before and after class. In addition, parents are often in the building in the evenings or on the weekend to attend meetings or work on school-related projects and may have their children with them. We ask that parents observe the same indoor safety guidelines that are in place during the school day.

• CHILDREN ARE TO BE SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES. Our staff works very hard to maintain an orderly and beautiful prepared environment for children and adults alike. Although classrooms are inviting, we ask that you not permit your child to wander in classrooms or office spaces.
• No running in the halls.
• Elevator: Use of the elevator is restricted to those who are dealing with a stroller or handicap challenges. Children are never permitted on the elevator unsupervised.

Emergency Contact Form: It is imperative that we have up-to-date contact information on file. Please ensure that the form is filled in completely, including persons to be notified in an emergency in the event that a parent cannot be reached. Also, remember to update the form throughout the year if any of your phone numbers change.  

Child Abuse and Neglect: All employees of Wilmington Montessori School are required to be familiar with and adhere to Delaware Code regarding child abuse and neglect. Any suspicion of child abuse or neglect must be reported to the Head of School, who contacts Child Protective Services. Children at WMS are treated with respect. Corporal punishment by any staff member is not permitted. It is school policy that any employee suspected of abusing or neglecting a child will be suspended and investigated by Child Protective Services, the results of which determine the reinstatement or dismissal of the employee.

Community Notification Regarding Sex Offenders: As required by law, information concerning sex offenders in the local area is available to parents. The Community Notification binder can be found at the front desk.

Fire and Evacuation Drills: Monthly evacuation drills are held to train students in safe emergency procedures.

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