Sixth-Grade Summer Work

As you know, we will be going to New York City to take part in the Global Citizenship Action Project next October. We will learn about the United Nations, how it works and about the many non-governmental organizations that support the mission of the UN. One of the most interesting experiences we will have is to visit a country’s mission to the United Nations. We will talk to the people who work for the mission and learn about the global issues of importance to that country. In the past few years, we have visited missions of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel and Cyprus. 
Your work this summer is to consider the country you would like to know more about. It may be a country you have visited, where you know someone or that you hear about on the news. It may be a country that always fascinated you, is home to your favorite soccer player or is interesting to you for other reasons. Listen to conversations, read the newspapers and watch television. What is going on in the world? What do you want to know more about? 

Once you have come up with a country or two you want to learn more about, you need to do a bit of research. When you return to school in September your job will be to present your country to the other sixth-graders and convince them to vote for that country. We have to request at least three countries because a mission visit isn’t guaranteed. 
It is very important that you complete this work over the summer. We will be meeting the first week of school to share your research and vote on the countries of your choice. Please do not wait until September to do this work. Be ready to visually and orally present your country and the reasons it is a worthwhile place to visit. Most importantly, have fun! 

Visit to choose a country that is a member state.

Please bring in the following information:
  • Name of Country
  • Capitol
  • Three reasons you would like to visit this country’s mission.
  • Important facts about this country (List at least three)
  • What are the main problems/issues in this country today?


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