What are WMS parents saying about the Toddler Program?

"We couldn’t be happier with the Toddler Program at Wilmington Montessori School. Both of our children started at 6 months of age and have built such a strong foundation for their future learning. The teachers have an endless supply of knowledge, patience and love. I can’t imagine sending them anywhere else!”

“My 2-year-old loves coming to school to do his 'work.' He is always engaged in an activity and is treated with respect and love by his teacher. His teacher is not only kind and loving but she is also educated and knows exactly the stage of development my child is in and gives him appropriate work to do.”

“Wilmington Montessori has taught me that learning begins at birth and that it is just as important to emphasize education at this level as it at the college level. How true this is! Children absorb everything you put in front of them from birth to age 3. I am so glad that my daughter was in a program that realized this and had a specific curriculum for this young age-level.”


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