Letter from Head of School and Board

June 20, 2013
Dear Wilmington Montessori School Community,

We hope you are enjoying your summer! The WMS staff, board of directors and many of our parents are already hard at work planning for our WMS 50th Anniversary Year, and we're looking forward to seeing all of you this fall.

We are writing in response to recent questions and concerns from our families and staff regarding the relationship between Wilmington Montessori School and the First State Montessori Academy (FSMA) prompted by a mailing that many WMS families recently received from FSMA. WMS did not give FSMA permission to use any addresses from our WMS family directory nor will we ever provide this permission to outside organizations. Our directory is located on an internal page of our website, accessible through login only, and a disclaimer makes it clear that it is unacceptable for anyone to use this information for any type of solicitation. FSMA has assured us that all addresses were obtained independently by FSMA through contact with their organization (e.g., signing the original petition in support of the initiative or providing your contact information at an FSMA public meeting).

WMS is completely independent from FSMA. Some have noticed references to WMS on the FSMA website and other materials. Some have also noted the involvement of some current and former WMS families in FSMA, and that a WMS classroom was used for photos for FSMA. Because this has led to confusion, we have asked FSMA to remove references to WMS from their materials and website where possible, and they were understanding about our request.

We look forward to continuing as a strong independent Montessori school that inspires others, in Delaware and even nationwide, and we wish the best to FSMA as they persevere in starting a charter Montessori school. Please don't hesitate to contact either of us, or use our board feedback form, with any questions or concerns!

Marie Dugan
Head of School

Anna Quisel
Chair, WMS Board of Directors


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