What is Montessori?

Montessori education for all children is based on these concepts:
  • The aim of Montessori education is to foster autonomous, competentresponsible and adaptive citizens who are lifelong learners and problem-solvers.
  • Learning occurs in an inquisitive, cooperative and nurturing atmosphere. Students increase their own knowledge through self- and teacher-initiated experiences.
  • Learning takes place through the senses. Students learn through manipulating materials and interacting with others. These meaningful experiences are precursors to the abstract understanding of ideas.
  • The individual is considered as a whole. The physical, emotional, social, aesthetic and cognitive needs and interests are inseparable and equally important.
  • Respect for oneself, others, the environment and life is necessary to develop a caring attitude toward all people.


Video: "Montessori Madness"
Watch Montessori dad Trevor Eissler's introduction to the magic of Montessori education.
Recommended Reading
Excerpt from “Montessori Madness” by Trevor Eissler - describes a father's first experience in a Montessori classroom, as well as the roots of Montessori education.
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