7-9 students share year-long STEM astronomy unit through audiovisual presentation

After studying astronomy and completing several NASA STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) challenges, the 7-9 students created this narrated slide show to share what they learned about space this year, beginning with Montessori's First Great Lesson - The Coming of the Universe and Earth - then delving into more complex topics including thermonuclear fusion, the Mars Rover and more. The students shared this presentation with their preschool buddies as well.

The Mars Rover Challenge

As part of their astronomy study, 7-9 students learned about the history of space exploration and past and current Mars Rover missions. They then completed two NASA STEM challenges. In their first, they built a spacecraft with a shock-absorbing system that could withstand a one-foot drop. In their next mission, they designed and built a stable wheel-and-axle vehicle that could handle a 30-degree decline over a changing landscape without tipping over. The children's projects showcased their understanding of lift, paper springs, stabilizing popsicle sticks, wheel-and-axle design and parachute technology. Even more importantly, they practiced collaboratively planning, testing and then evaluating their designs.


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