Board Update - Board Member Nominees and Elections

February 20, 2013
Are You Interested in Being Part of Big Decisions at WMS?

If you are or have been a parent at WMS, it often goes like this. First you realize that going to school at Wilmington Montessori School is a gift that you were lucky enough to be able to give to your children. And then you realize that you would like future children to have a chance to share in this gift. How can you play a part in ensuring that WMS thrives into the future? The WMS Board of Directors seeks individuals who are able to put their own personal aims and interests aside in the interest of the long-term interest of WMS, to join our board committees (listed in the Board Portal on the WMS website) and the board itself.

To join a board committee, please talk to any board member about your interest and we will put you in contact with the committee chair to see if there is a good match of ability and needs of the committee.

To join the board, we have a Nominating and Elections Committee (Anna Quisel, Susie Ventresca and Caroline Lintner) that will propose candidates to the board. The Nominating and Elections Committee is entrusted with making sure that proposed board members understand their role and responsibilities. Volunteer experience at WMS is important too, especially experience coordinating a school event or participating in a task force or board committee. 

This year, the board will hold elections March 10-20, 2013 for up to four new board members. The Nominating and Elections Committee will speak with potential board members with the goal of creating a slate of candidates for the WMS Board. Other things you should know about board membership: 1) Terms are three years with one additional term allowed upon election; 2) for the election ballot, each candidate will need to write a short biography including the reason(s) he or she would like to join the board; and 3 ) the slate of candidates for the board will allow a yes or no vote for each candidate.

This year, preparation time is very short so the Nominating and Election Committee would like anyone who would like more information to contact Anna Quisel ( If interested, please let Caroline Lintner ( know by February 27, 2013, one week from today.


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