Corporate Matching Funds

Double, or even triple, the value of your contribution to WMS at no cost to you!

Many companies will match charitable contributions made by their employees, and may even match gifts made by retirees, board members and/or spouses. In most cases, companies match contributions dollar for dollar, but matches can vary. Check your company's matching guidelines. Employer matching gifts increase the impact of your personal support!

How do I get my employer to match my gift to WMS?

1. If you already know that your employer provides matching donations, please let us know when you make your gift. If you don't know if your employer matches charitable gifts, please contact your human resources department. You can also use this website to search for your employer and see if it offers a matching gift program.

2. Once you know if your employer matches charitable donations, you must initiate the match. This usually means contacting your employer or former employer to obtain the proper form, completing the form and returning it to WMS as soon as possible.

3. WMS verifies that your contribution was received, and that it qualifies for a match. We will then send the form to your employer for verification. If all of your company's matching gift guidelines are met, they will issue the matching funds to WMS.
We are glad to help you with this process in any way that we can! Please contact for assistance!


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