Town Hall Meeting Minutes

November 15, 2012
The meeting was convened at 9:15 a.m. in the WMS Great Room.

Board Representatives Anna Quisel and Marie Dugan shared the following news:

Head Search Committee Conclusion:
Marie will continue as Interim Head of school through 2013-14. The Head Search was concluded without identifying a candidate. The search will begin again in January 2013.

Board Leadership Transition:
Anna Quisel has been appointed Chair of the Board and Susie Ventresca has been appointed Vice Chair of the Board. Pam Politis will continue as a Board Member.

The Board continues to work toward transparency and comprehensive communication. When a good format for minutes has been adopted, minutes will be published.

Strategic Planning:
Underway at the Board level. Will soon bring parents into the process.

Educational Excellence Task Force:
Faculty and staff are beginning the process.

Town Hall Attendee Comments and Questions:
  • Consider publishing weekly Board news.
  • Directory of photos of teachers and staff at front desk would be valuable.
  • What is the connection between the Board and the PTO?
  • Both Facebook and the website should be used for news - there are many venues.
  • Consider a bigger more active communications committee.
  • WMS’s families with young children often do not understand the happenings at school. 
    ○ Parent ambassadors could help.
    ○ Buddy system for parents could help.
    ○ Consider seminars on Montessori in the home for families with young children.
  • Many events have been cancelled lately.
    ○ Consider listing numbers of participants needed for events.
    ○ RSVP’s important.
  • Discussion of how to make the holiday potluck friendly for families with young children.
  • Post the bylaws on the website.
Special thanks to Stephanie Wolynetz for sharing the work of the PTO’s free fundraising group: Boxtops and labels for education, registering Target Red Cards and more.


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