Board Member Biographies

The Wilmington Montessori School Board of Directors is a self-perpetuating board consisting of parents, alumni parents and community members at large with an interest in the mission and vision of the organization.

Community members who would like to be considered for a board committee should submit their interest to the Head of School with a resume and letter of interest to the Committee on Trustees (COT). The Head of School will share that interest with the COT who will follow-up with candidates who fit various committee and board needs.
To learn more about the board, email

Anna Quisel, M.D.


Zehra Wamiq

Vice Chair

Susie Ventresca


Paul Sakaguchi


Lisa Lalama

Ex-officio Board Member & Head of School

Israel Floyd

Lisa Hastings-Sheppard

Melissa Hayman

Ann Hriciga

Daniel G. Sanders

Stephanie Simms

Liz Sloan

Contact the Board
Questions? Suggestions? Feedback? Use the Board Contact Form to share your thoughts. You can also email the board.  

We will respond to questions on this website or directly if you provide contact information.  We look forward to hearing from you!
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