A Message from the Wilmington Montessori Board regarding First State Montessori Academy

May 18, 2012
Dear Friends,

WMS LogoFirst of all, we want to thank all of you who took the time to attend last night’s Town Meeting. We are so grateful for the support and energy of our community as we move forward as a strong independent school! Some of you may have seen that Wilmington Montessori School was mentioned in today's News Journal, in an article about the charter applications that were voted on by the state board of education yesterday. In the interest of being open with our communications, we would like to share the response that we have sent to the News Journal as a board to clarify our relationship with First State Montessori Academy:

Since its 1907 inception in a single classroom in Rome, Montessori education has expanded world-wide, with schools of all kinds – private and public, large and small, early childhood and secondary school. The method, developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, is a child-centered approach, built on the premise that children are intrinsically motivated to learn, learn best by doing and will flourish in an environment that gives them freedom (within limits) to pursue their own interests. This type of environment helps our children develop the skills that are most desired in a 21st Century workforce – creativity and innovative thinking, comfort with ideas and abstraction, a global worldview and vibrant imagination.

Wilmington Montessori School, Delaware’s oldest Montessori school, has been helping children in Delaware develop these skills for almost 50 years and we have watched Montessori expand throughout the state of Delaware during this time. As a Board, we believe firmly that with each child who receives a Montessori education, the world becomes a better place. For this reason, we have always supported First State Montessori Academy as another option for families in Delaware to receive a Montessori education.

While the Wilmington Montessori School Board of Directors supports FSMA’s mission and the growth of Montessori education in Delaware, our current Board and school leadership, with the support of our strong community of parents, have stated our intention to maintain a strong independentMontessori school at our current location at 1400 Harvey Road – and to be the only school at this location. While our physical location was considered as a possible home for FSMA, we wish to clarify that a conversion was never our intent and we have always stated clearly that we have no relationship with FSMA other than our support for quality Montessori education in the state of Delaware.

We look forward to continuing to be a strong independent Montessori school that serves as a model for Montessori education, not just in Delaware, but nation-wide, and we wish the best to FSMA as it continues to be pursued as a public Montessori model.

The Wilmington Montessori School Board of Directors


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