Traditional Camp Activities

At Camp Montessori, each day’s plan includes a balance of group projects/games and times when children can make their own choice of activity. Each week’s theme includes a component of learning/inquiry — we think and play! 

Camp Montessori offers a relaxed but civilized setting in which children can grow cognitively, emotionally and socially. Each week’s program is designed to work equally well as a stand-alone experience or as part of a summer-long adventure. 

We welcome the addition of children who do not attend Wilmington Montessori’s school-year program, as this adds to the richness of our community and to the diversity of the peer group.   


For elementary & middle school-aged campers

In our Traditional Camps, we aim for the ideal balance of structure and choice. We cook, design, experiment, create art, play games and sports, swim and learn from others.

We explore the woods and creek, we build things, we visit museums and amusement parks; we fly down the Turbo Chute, we design and run special activities for the younger children, and we enjoy time with friends. We spend a great deal of time outside, but we also make use of our excellent — and air-conditioned — indoor facilities, especially in very hot or rainy weather.


The elementary school-aged (kindergarten and up) campers walk through our woods to Windybush Pool every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. A limited number of slots for swim lessons (for K-3rd grade campers only) on Tuesdays are available; contact the camp director for more information. 

Field Trips: 

Camp Montessori offers frequent field trips, ranging from seven per summer for the oldest group to four for the kindergarten group. Our 2016 field trips include visits to the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia Zoo, Greenbank Mills, Linvilla Orchards and Cape Henlopen State Park, and a canoeing trip on the Brandywine River.


For preschool-aged campers

The preschool camp program has a structure similar to our school-year preschool program and is staffed by several of our year-round assistant teachers along with other seasonal staff.

The camp is more recreationally focused than the school-year program, but still focuses on hands-on learning, social, emotional, and language development, and fun! We are lucky to have such a large campus to explore, and we take special advantage of it in the summer. Our theme for summer 2016 is world geography!

We have group lessons and projects, opportunities for individual and small-group work, on-campus water play, walks in the woods and plenty of time to enjoy our expansive playgrounds. We do not take field trips, but we bring in visiting programs from local museums, nature centers and theater groups. 



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