Chinese New Year at WMS

February 2010
Chinese New Year - The Year of the Tiger was celebrated at WMS.  Chinese New Year is determined each year according to the lunisolar calendar which follows the cycles of the moon. The lobby was decorated with traditional Chinese clothing, books, masks, and dishes, allowing children and families to learn more about Chinese culture and this celebration. Each student received a red packet with a coin to ward off "evil spirits" in the upcoming year.  In addition, a preschool classroom celebrated with a traditional Dragon parade, with a dragon specifically created by parents in the classroom. As noted by WMS parent and Board Member Oliver Yeh, who helped to organize the display, "The opportunity to share the Chinese culture is not only an adventure for me (I don't know everything there is to know), it's something I want to instill in my son. It's always a worthwhile effort to share one's heritage. In fact, I believe it strengthens oneself. Every child should feel that connection, to uphold and be proud of his or her background  -- we all have something interesting to share with the world."


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