WMS 6th Graders Support

October 2009

When the sixth graders went to the Global Citizenship Action Project (GCAP) for our sixth grade trip we listened to many different presentations about global issues. The presenter of spoke about the rising levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. 350 is the safe level of carbon-dioxide in parts per million. Right now we are at 392 parts per million. is an organization about saving our planet from the effects of carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere. The organization was founded by Bill McKibben who wrote one of the first books on global warming for the general public. He and his friends ran a campaign in 2007 called ‘Step It Up’ that organized over 2,000 rallies throughout the United States.

All of the students participating in GCAP voted to do as our call to action. The call to action is what we will work on this year as a result of our experience at GCAP. We will try to organize “no car days” and other activities to help this cause. We hope that everyone who reads this will spread the word and participate in “going green.”     

By: Noah and Tommaso, WMS Class of 2010


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