Music at Wilmington Montessori School

Music is an innate gift each of us is given at birth. Wilmington Montessori School provides a developmentally appropriate musical environment that nurtures this gift to its fullest potential. Music lessons consist of activities that playfully engage the children and encourage individual responses. Activities include pitch (vocal), movement and instrumental exploration. Songs, rhymes and finger plays nurture the development of steady beat. Pitch development is cultivated through echo songs, call-and-response songs and solo singing opportunities.

The music room at Wilmington Montessori School provides a wonderful environment for music education. The soundproof room is filled with all of the "tools" needed for students to participate in and create music. Xylophones, metallophones, glockenspiels, congas and bongos greet the students as they enter the room, while many various and interesting percussion instruments line the shelves and cabinets.

Preschool and Elementary classrooms attend music class once a week. Each lesson incorporates elements from the Orff, Kodaly and Dalcroze philosophies. Lessons engage students in activities that explore steady beat, rhythm, harmony and many expressive qualities of music through speaking, singing, moving, creating, notating, listening and playing. To an observer, all of this serious music exploration just looks like a lot of fun!

Students in the Primary Program (ages 3 to 6) are introduced to the art of performance through an annual spring concert, presented to their fellow students and families.

In the Elementary Program, students listen to various musical pieces, learn the stories of composers, study musical periods and styles, and experience musical instruments first-hand. They match pitches and rhythms, recognize beats and meters and collaborate on song-writing. Elementary students perform annual concerts and our oldest children, fourth- through sixth-graders, put on a talent show each year, as well as a concert in the format of a full-scale musical theater production. Along with performing in the concerts, children learn to operate the lights and sound system, utilize their skills in the visual arts by creating beautiful sets and costumes and serve as part of the stage crew.

After-school programs in piano, steel drums, dance and vocal performance allow interested students to further develop their musical interests.


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