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February 2013, Independent School Management (ISM) Survey Results - Parent Survey

We thank the 96 family representatives who participated in the ISM Parent Survey. This is a response rate of 55%. The results would be more accurate if we had a higher rate of participation (65% or greater). Our family population was well represented: 15% were in their first year, 30% in their second or third year, and 54% in their fourth or more year at WMS, and participants included families from across the economic spectrum. Here’s what you had to say.

The top five reasons first year parents decided to enroll at WMS were:
1) They were impressed by the school atmosphere positive and caring.
2) They were impressed by the educational philosophy.
3) They were impressed by what they observed on the tour.
4) They were impressed by the campus facilities and setting.
5) They were impressed by the emphasis on morals and values.

The only negative factors for first year parents while considering enrolling were:
1) The integration of technology.
2) The cost of tuition.

For returning families, the top five reasons parents decided to re-enroll at WMS were:
1) They were impressed with character development of children.
2) They were impressed with the safety of children.
3) They were impressed with faculty caring and concern.
4) They were impressed with individual attention to each child with a high pupil-teacher ratio.
5) They were impressed with faculty expertise.

The negative factors for families considering re-enrolling were:
1) Extracurricular/club offerings.
2) Sports offerings.
3) Having a child at another school.

Parents’ top 10 ratings of various programs and other aspects of WMS:
1) Faculty care and concern for your children.
2) Character development.
3) Campus facilities and setting.
4) Faculty expertise.
5) Degree of safety from harm or negative influences.
6) Academic program.
7) Curriculum continuity.
8) Opportunity for students to develop leadership skills.
9) Graduate placement record.
10) Class sizes.

Parents gave the three following areas a lower rating (good to fair):
1) Extracurricular activities.
2) Integration of technology.
3) Athletic opportunities.

Parents were overall satisfied with communication and interaction with highest ratings for:
1) Parent-teacher conferences.
2) Openness of teachers to your suggestions and/or concerns.
3) Report cards and written comments from teachers.
4) Quality of teacher-initiated communication.
5) Frequency of communication from school leadership.

In response to an open-ended question about the greatest strengths, parents identified the following as particular strengths of WMS:
1) Teachers and staff.
2) The campus, facilities and setting.
3) The Montessori philosophy.
4) The sense of community.
5) Academics.
6) Care and concern for children.
7) Individual attention to children.
8) Teaching social skills, independence and confidence.

In response to an open-ended question about what parents would like to see improved, parents identified the following:
1) Cost of tuition.
2) Technology.