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Q&A with the WMS Board of Directors

The WMS Board of Directors is committed to transparency and communication with all of our constituents. For this reason, we offer lots of ways to contact us with your questions, concerns and ideas.  We will be responding to these questions on this website so the entire community can benefit from your collective feedback.


Your questions and feedback:

"Are term limits enforced? How?"

WMS Board: Our Wilmington Montessori School, Inc., Amended and Restated Bylaws states the following in Article IV Section 3:

"Term of Office: Duties; Vacancies. Each Director shall serve for a term of three (3) years, until his/her resignation or until the appointment of his/her successor, whichever first occurs. A Director may serve for more than one 3-year term."

So board members do not currently have a term limit.  However, officers on the Board do have a term limit as stated in Article V Section 1:

"The officers of the Corporation shall consist of a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson, a Treasurer, a Secretary, the Head of School and such other officers as may from time to time be appointed by the Board . . . Officers shall not serve in the same office for more than three consecutive terms. Each officer shall hold his/her office for a term of one year and thereafter until his/her successor is duly elected or appointed."

Our board is committed to following our bylaws. And this question comes at a good time because a group of community members is beginning a review of the bylaws to determine if policies such as term limits should be adopted by the board. Thank you for asking this important question!

"You should talk about what Montessori kids want to keep in their school."

WMS Board: This is an excellent idea. Who could better tell us what makes WMS special than the children who are experiencing this fantastic education each day?  The Marketing & Admissions Committee is currently working on a section of testimonials for the WMS website. Please contact us if you'd like to get involved! 

 "We need a professional ad campaign manager. 'WMS' everywhere - I never see anything - newspaper/billboard/big flyers/supermarket, in-house - infomercial on public or cable."
WMS Board: WMS does, in fact, have a professional ad campaign manager on staff - our Communications Officer Noel Dietrich.  Noel has more than seven years of experience managing internal and external communications for non-profits and educational institutions.  We also have a Marketing & Admissions Committee working on additional ideas for getting the word out about WMS. 

We have surveyed parents about the local publications they read and we advertise in all of them - the News Journal, Delaware Today, Community News, Brandywine Family Buzz, DelawareOnline, Metrokids and more!  The challenge lies not in our efforts or knowledge (we would LOVE to do billboards and television advertising), but in our budget. 

Have some ideas for free or affordable ways to get out the word about WMS?  Please let us know. The
Marketing & Admissions Committee is always looking for new ideas and energy!