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Past Courses

Here is a sampling of past workshops offered at the Center for Montessori Advancement. If you are interested in bringing any of these workshops to your school, please contact or call 302-475-0555.


Autism 101

What is Sensory Integration?

“Fun with Conflict”– Communication and Peacemaking for the Professional Educator

Reggio Emilia and the Montessori Method: To Compare and Contrast

Positive Guidance: Guiding Young Children's Behavior

What the Audiogram Does Not Tell Us About Auditory Processing Disorders

Paws for Reading - PAWS for People/Therapy Dogs

Photography in the Classroom

Learning at Home to Support Learning at School

Why Before- & After-School Child-Care Programs Matter - To Teachers, Administrators, Parents & Children

Mean Girls in the Classroom: Why it Happens, What it Looks Like and How to Deal with It

Early Signs of Sensory Processing Disorder

Introduction to Asperger's Syndrome

Montessori 101/Bringing Montessori Home

Montessori Technology for All Ages

Preparing Students for the World of STEM


Birding for Preschoolers and Toddlers

Bringing Artists into the Preschool Classroom

Cultivating Little Naturalists

Dramatic Play for Small Spaces and Small Budgets

Nature in the Classroom

Math in the bath? De-mystifying Mathematics in the Preschool Classroom

Supporting Writing in the Preschool Classroom

Technology in the Preschool Classroom

Utilizing Books in an Early Childhood Classroom


A Beginner’s Look at Executive Functioning

Poetry Writing for Elementary Students

Tips for a Wonderful Writer's Workshop

Reading & Spelling: A Developmental Continuum for Kindergarten Through High School

Raising the Bar for Kindergarten Writers