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The Development of our Human Potential

• Character

WMS community members are trustworthy, compassionate and demonstrate integrity. We seek to understand the needs of others and work for what is best for all concerned in our school, local and global communities.

• Leadership

WMS community members combine vision, ethics and courage to empower each person to understand their unique worth and potential to make a difference in the community.

• Thinking Skills

WMS community members develop thinking skills to support life-long and collaborative learning including: flexibility, perseverance, curiosity, imagination, inventiveness, wonder, and reflection on both process and product.

• Life Management Skills

WMS community members strive to know ourselves fully, developing our physical, social, emotional, intellectual, creative and spiritual selves. We aspire to make healthy, responsible and balanced life-work choices.

• Knowledge Base

WMS community members seek knowledge to understand the connectedness between ourselves and the well-being of our planet and our place in the universe.

• Creative and Artistic Abilities

WMS community members strive to discover and develop our creative gifts and encourage others to do the same. We celebrate the richness and diversity of expression across cultures.

• Service and Responsibility

WMS community members are committed to improving the quality of life on Earth and protecting the natural environment that sustains us. We view active service in our families, school, local and global communities as an applied learning opportunity that develops empathy, compassion, social responsibility, perspective and appreciation of our roles in the community.